Where To Begin

I suppose at least a little backround is in order. We will start with just before I had my baby, he is almost 5 months. It’s about to get real very quickly. 
My sister came  into town a month or so before I was supposed to have my Bee. It was apparent that she was on drugs. I caught her going through mmy mail stack, called her on it, caught her with my mail in her hand just walking walking around (like what?), called her on it, then my hair stuff came up missing.  And, not even getting into how she was treating his son, and the obvious neglect by her. Lack of connection, unhealthy interractions. 

When she left, paraphernalia was found in her work apron she left at our parents house. My step mom could have sworn she was doing drugs in their bathroom.

Things blew up in a horrible mess. She isn’t stupid, and caught wind of things. By the time CPS was called, she cleaned up her pit of house, put on a front, and that was that.

As I’m in the hospital in labor she calls me to tell me her mom is on drugs and selling them. This is common knowledge. The way I see it is that she was trying to get the attention off her. And then she has the nerve to say she didn’t know I was in labor when I had texted hours earlier, not to mention it being on fb.

So, I guess that’s where the most recent chaos of my life started. Hold on, this is going to be one hell of ride.

Xoxo Mama Bee


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