Some say do it, some say don’t. We didn’t, and it breaks my heart.💕

The doctors say its safer, and that is all we want. But when all you want to is sit lay down with your little baby boy and nap, but he won’t do it because your bed is not associated with bed time really sucks. He had to be taken to his crib and yes I did cry.

Everyone is up for their own opinion and I am cool with whatever anyone wants to do. I just want to cuddle my baby. I want him to see my bed as a safe and relaxing place he can come to get cuddles.

All he sees now when he comes in is play time. Bounce time. Sometimes bottle time. I at least get snuggles in bed if he is eating. I guess thats a start. 

The point is, this sucks. I mean, you see the pics. Who wouldn’t want to nap with that Ginger cutie?💕

XoXo Mama Bee


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