People Come and People Go

Something I had always heard, even before pregnancy, was that people lost friends over having a baby. When I got pregnant, I didn’t think much of it because I really only had one friend at the time.

I had gone through a huge change in my life, and with that I cut ties with most everyone I knew. When your whole community is the homeless community, but you are no longer homeless, it is time to find more like minded people.

My one friend that I did have, she has 2 children. She understood exactly what I was going through. She was with me through every step of my pregnancy. I called myself her side kick. We went everywhere together. My anxiety was so bad I couldn’t go anywhere by myself and she supported me the whole. Even though our friendship had just started I never thought it would fade so quickly.

After I had the baby she came around less and less. Stopped answering phone calls, I was lucky to get a text back. She just kept saying that she was busy with work and was sorry. I know she had a lot of home stuff going on, and she closes up when she goes through hard times. Understanding this, I did everything I could think of to make sure that even though she wasn’t talking to me she was in my thoughts and I missed her.

Her boyfriend is the owner of the buisness my hubby works at, and she is the admin. We helped them open their office. Recently some drama came about with another employee and my name got dragged through the mud. Exactly how or who, I am not sure. No one will talk to me about it but everyone has something to say to my man. Despite our strained friendship, I stuck up for her and had her best interest when no one else did.

My heart shattered when she accused my man I of stealing. The company pays the rent, when a card is saved to our apartment’s account it is a 2 button push payment. We are responsible for paying the water. My hubby accidentially clickes their card, and she blew up. Did not once ask what happened or what was going on. Just outright accused us.

I tried almost all day to talk to her. Make sure she got her money back and talk about why she would just go off like that. We have had problems of similar nature, except it was me at risk, and I just asked her what was going on. I wanted to know why she couldn’t do that for me. Why she keeps pushing me away.

Well, she said to bring the money by her house whenever since she wouldn’t be there. Well she was there, “sleeping”. My impression is that she wouldn’t come out of her room. I know for a fact she is not so deep a sleeper that someone trying to wake her for 5 minutes can’t.

She wouldn’t even face me. I just lost my best friend, the one who is supposed to my sons godmother and my maid of honor. I am truley heartbroken.

XoXo Mama Bee


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