Easter for Babies

So, as we take a look around for Bee’s very first Easter basket it quickly became clear that Easter is not baby friendly.

I had taken a look at some baby Easter baskets online but didn’t like how small they were. Only a couple items.

At this point my fiance and I look at each other and he brings up why it should even matter. He won’t remember and probably will have no idea what is going on anyway.

The thing is, it does matter. He gets just as excited as we do when he gets something new. So, we can put together a few dollar items. Works out because that is way cheaper anyway. However the gifts are not even the important thing.

What really matters is that when my fiance and I wake up Easter morning super excited and get him out of bed, he will feel our excitement so of course he will be too. The 3 of us sitting around the basket with Calypso faithfully at our side will be a moment of pure happiness for our little Bee. Nothing makes him happier than all of us together. 

Later in life we will remember the day. We will look at pictures and laugh at the same things. Bee will hear the story of his first Easter. He will hear the love and family that will fill our day. That is why it’s important. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what he will remember in a day, week, year ect. What matters is that he feels the love, excitment, and joy of the holiday today. 

XoXo Mama Bee


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